Under Fives

The Under Fives sessions are a Bongalong mix of singing, dancing, make believe and instrument playing.

The way we use music, movement and drama supports the developmental stages your child/children will go through between 0-5 years: supporting speech development and language, developing coordination and encouraging listening skills.

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Instruments enable exploration of sounds and effects.  We use a wide range of wonderful, high quality percussion instruments from tambourines and drums to wind chimes and cymbals, metal agogos and wooden tulip blocks to name a few.

The instruments used in the sessions are ‘real’ instruments and the children are encouraged to explore the sounds they can make with them and handle them with care.

Bongalong music sessions aid confidence, communication and social skills.

Our props and costumes stimulate imagination and role-play at home.

The children also learn about being part of a group- taking turns, waiting and listening

Where and when for Under Fives

 “My daughter Matilda is three now and thoroughly enjoys Fiona’s wonderful sessions. She really looks forward to them each week. Matilda is captivated by these lively and engaging music sessions and will often sing the songs she has learnt at home whilst playing. Fiona’s wonderful props and range of instruments bring music and singing to life along with her vibrant, energetic approach.  I would thoroughly recommend Bongalong!” Bonita

“My little girl and I both love Bongalong music sessions. Through music, songs, actions, movements and images, Fiona creates magic worlds that capture the children’s imagination and that of us adults too. New music instruments are introduced to the kids on a regular basis. The children are shown how the instruments are played and they have a go at trying them and explore the sounds they produce.The classes are simply inspirational, educational, imaginative, creative and most importantly they make you feel happy!” Rosa M

“There were obvious ‘serious’ benefits in getting ready for Reception-the children listen to the session leader speaking, singing,or playing an instrument, they learn to take turns and gain confidence in doing things ‘solo’ or in small groups in front of a friendly audience, all of which was managed with sensitivity and a sense of fun by the session leaders. However what we loved about Bongalong was the combination of the traditional and the quirky originality of the props and costumes and some of their ‘home grown’ songs.” Kathryn H