Bongalong Parties


Have your very own Bongalong session to celebrate your child’s birthday.

You provide the children, the venue and the adults to join in and we provide the singing, dancing, fun and game; all specially designed to suit your party needs.

The party session is much like a regular class, it lasts for 45-60 minutes and is suitable for children under 5.

You can have up to seventeen children at the party depending on their ages and the venue.

If you would like to talk about having a Bongalong party, please contact Fiona

Email –

Telephone – 020 8257 7645

Mobile – 07811 460 282

Bongalong at Home

If you have a group of friends perhaps you could organise Bongalong sessions in your own home- perhaps your ante natal class or your NCT group. Classes would run on the same basis as the others: Under 5s or Under Ones, up to 15 in a group, termly bookings. You just need to get the group together and it helps to have a ‘knocked through’ lounge to fit everyone in. Only thing to decide is, Who brings the biscuits?