Nursery Venues

In nursery settings, we have a maximum of twenty children in each class. As well as the class leader, we ask the setting to provide as many staff as possible to be active in a class. This is to support and encourage children as well as hopefully gaining ideas to use throughout the week.


We provide classes on a weekly basis during term time, each class lasting approximately forty-five minutes. All sessions are carefully planned to maintain a balance of active participation, listening, sitting down and moving around. There is structure but also flexibility. Children learn through repetition, constant beginnings and endings choice and positive encouragement.

We use a wide selection of material that is traditional and original, incorporating a variety of cultures. There are aims for each piece of material which link to the Musical Development Matters in the Early Years Curriculum, enabling children to learn across all areas of learning.

Bongalong provides a wide range of good quality percussion instruments giving plenty of opportunity to explore and play. We also use props to provide visual stimulus to aid concentration and the imagination. Through well tested, and original ideas in use of props instrument games and themes, songs and dancing, this is a quality activity, which will enhance and extend any nurseries activity planning.

If you would like to talk about our work with nurseries, please call Fiona on 020 8257 7645 or 07811 460 282.