Covid 19 Information

Video and Zoom

During the Pandemic Bongalong Online is delivering weekly sessions via video and adding in occasional Zoom.

Bongalong Alfresco

Bongalong Alfresco are sessions held outdoors in local parks. Families maintain social distancing. They are ‘one-off’ sessions and are advertised on Social Media. As they are weather dependent they is usually only 24 hours notice for these sessions.

The return of Face-to-face Bongalong

Families will book their place and be asked for a contact number for Track & Trace which can be shared with the NHS should the need arise.

Drop in sessions are no longer available.

Once a session is fully booked the group becomes stable for the term; book-a-term reduces the number of different families attending each week.

Each venue has it’s own Covid-Safe guidelines and there is a Bongalong Risk Assessment for each space, and each song is assessed and adapted accordingly.

At each session the following will apply:

Social distancing (2m) should be maintained.

Every family will be asked to confirm they are symptom free on arrival.

Everyone to wash hands/sanitise hands on arrival.

Use of instruments and props- initially families will bring their own instruments and props if required. Should Bongalong instruments be used they will be cleaned at the end of the session and quarantined for 48 hours. Families will still be at liberty to bring their own instruments.

All foam mats to be wiped down at the end of every session.

Entrances and exits- where possible there will be a one way system. For venues with a shared staircase we aim to leave space between sessions to allow clear exit/entry.

Face masks are optional in all Bongalong venues with the exception of the Community Hub in Orford Road where masks should be worn in ‘shared community spaces’-on arrival, till the family reach their mat and in the corridor and toilet area.

Families should leave quickly, maintaining social distancing.

Where possible windows will be open.

At The Leyton Children’s Centre, Queen’s Road buggies will be parked under the awning as directed.

Payment by card/bank transfer if possible.

The Session Leader is allowed to sing; families are asked to sing quietly or simply mouth the words.

Contrary to all our usual teaching ‘No sharing’ of anything please.